Desk table tops manufacturers & suppliers

Get in touch with us for unique desk table tops solutions as we have a team of highly-skilled designers who create custom options for various applications. Our experienced team with exquisite taste understand what our clients need.

  • Mould laminated wood desk table tops: 30+ moulds available for choices
  • Teak wood desk table tops: custom size available
  • Aluminum desk table tops: custom size available
  • Color: According to customer needs, specifications can be customized to create customer-specific products.

Wholesale custom desk table tops from China

  • 20+ years of experience in furniture manufacturing.
  • Supplied to esteemed customers from 40+ countries, 90,000+ monthly output.
  • We design each product according to customer’s needs, and we strive to provide custom furniture solutions at competitive prices.

  • Mould laminated wood desk table tops: 30+ moulds available for choices
  • Particle board desk table tops: custom size available
  • MDF desk table tops: custom size available
  • Color: According to customer needs, specifications can be customized to create customer-specific products.

Professional desk table tops manufacturer in China

Desk table tops play a crucial role in our daily lives, influencing our mood and well-being.  Customizing the color and shape of a desk table top can enhance the beauty of our surroundings, promoting happiness and harmony while reducing tension and preventing feelings of depression.

At Clover, we specialize in designing desk table tops tailored to each customer’s specific needs, offering bespoke solutions at competitive prices.  Our high-quality desk table tops made from materials such as laminated wood, teak wood, and aluminum, suitable for a wide range of applications including cafe tables, restaurants tables, party tables, indoor/outdoor dining tables, and computer desks.  Built to last, our desk table top products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Committed to excellence, our desk table top products meet rigorous standards including FSC forest certification, REACH chemical compliance, EN strength regulations, as well as ASTM, ROHS, CE, and FCC certifications.  Designed to withstand pressure, resists stains, and endure outdoor exposure, our desk table tops are meticulously processed on our production lines to minimize damage and deliver dependable products ready for immediate assembly.

  • Rounded corners: Each corner is well curved, providing a safe and liquid desk table top design.
  • Mould laminated wood: easy to clean, water proof, impact-resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, weather resistant, resistant to cigarette burns, heat resistant up to 180 degree.  enhance the variety of colors and grain patterns available by creating unique options,
  • Particle wood: Affordable, stylish, not easily dented.
  • MDF: Provides a smooth consistent finish, stronger than plywood and particle board, uses recycled material, repels pests.
  • FSC teak wood: Excellent Durability, weatherproof, low Maintenance, being very strong, pest resistant, worth the price.
  • Aluminum: lightweight, rust proof, custom color available.

Custom-made desk table tops designed by experts

To inspire your designs in the future, we invite you to see our samples of stunning customized desk table tops that are passionately crafted in our workshops.

Expert Desk table top production in Clover’s factory

We are among the best desk table tops manufacturers who process wood and aluminum furniture parts.  We have gathered experience over 20+ years, and we guarantee our clients precision and quality in all our desk table tops.

We have the laser control machinery that permits us to manage the most complex OEM projects and deliver them according to the initial plan.  Work with Clover to create first-class furniture and components to gain more customer trust and a larger market share.

Why 1000+ customers choose us

Factory capabilities

From materials processing to assembly, our factory takes care of full production of over 90,000 desk table tops monthly under one roof.

Results-oriented quality control

Hardness and appearance tests are among our methods of determining the strength of our desk table tops and how well they match with other table parts.

Serving you with care

From unique designs to fast delivery, we help with brand building while setting our desk table tops at MOQ 100 pieces.

Short Lead-Time

With our experts and advanced equipment in-house, we can complete projects in the shortest time possible and deliver your furniture parts on time.

Competitive wholesale pricing

We offer you high quality desk table tops at and competitive price to grow your business together.

Quality furniture manufacturing solution

We are a fully-equipped facility with capabilities and expertise to complete projects without outsourcing.  We are your quality furniture solution supplier.

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