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Experience pure luxury and relaxation with our exquisite comfortable lounge chair.  Crafted with precision and care, this chair combines the beauty of pattern printed fabric with the sophistication of synthetic leather.  Sink into comfort and style – indulge in the elegance you deserve.

  1. Frame: marine-grade aluminum
  2. Reticulated foam breathable
  3. Cover changeable
  4. Colorfast
  5. Weather resistant
  6. Water repellent
  7. Mold resistant
  8. Easy-care


Discover the timeless comfort of our all-weather lounge chair that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  With its unique design and high-end quality, this chair is a universal option that embodies innovation and style.  Experience the trend of bringing indoor design to your outdoor oasis with the Clover armchair.  Crafted with durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, it combines modern artistry with ultimate comfort for your outdoor lifestyle.

Technical characteristics

  • Frame: Epoxy-treated aluminum with CloverCoat™.
  • Pad: High quality CloverFabric™.
  • Reticulated foam breathable
  • Weather resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Mold resistant
  • Easy-care
  • Custom color available.
  • Custom fabric material available including – olefin, acrylic, cotton, recycled polyester.
  • Hardware: 304 Passivated stainless steel
  • Feet: Black nylon
  • Finish shown: Dark brown / white grey
  • Care set: Protective cover available as
  • Product Size (cm):
  • Product dimension (inch):
  • Packaging Measurement:
  • Net weight (kg):


A guide to quick-dry and all-weather outdoor furniture

Short on time or storage space?  Why not make things easy on yourself and get some weatherproof furniture, that don’t demand you to move it in and out in case of rain showers or before the dew falls.

There are two types of furniture with water repellent properties: Quick dry and all-weather furniture.

Clover quick dry dining chair

Easy to maintain, great comfort

Clover creates furniture within the quick-dry category can be left out in the rain for shorter periods and dries up in a few hours depending on wind and temperature. This makes them easy for you to handle and maintain during the outdoor season.


All-weather furniture is even more tolerant.  It is designed to survive the elements and doesn’t need to be stored away, even during wintertime.  The acrylic fabric and the foam in the all-weather lounge sofas are produced in a way where the water simply runs through instead of being soaked up. The cushions dry up in a few hours depending on wind and temperature.


Which type is right for you and your backyard or balcony?  It all comes down to your preference for convenience, the space that you have available for storage, and the climate that you live in.  In this guide, you can get further insights into the benefits of each type.

Clover modern beach chair


How often and how much does it rain?

Do you have a lot of rainfall or short, but frequent rain showers? Or does it rarely rain, but do you still want to protect your cushions from the dew falling?

In case you experience a lot of rain, and you want to be able to use your furniture only a short while after the rain has stopped, all-weather furniture is probably the right choice. The cover is water repellent and dries quickly. On top of that the conditions for mould and fungus are bad both on the cover and inside the sofa.

If you only get short rain showers and bring inside your cushions in to protect them, furniture within the quick-dry-category is for you. With cushions consisting of a special fabric with a rubber membrane, preventing water from seeping inside, quick-dry furniture is resistant to rain.

Sectional sofa with changeable cushions 4pcs set





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