FSC Certified Teak Wood Tabletop Customizable

Timeless elegance, built to last.  Real teak wood has been a favorite material for furniture for hundreds of years.  Our real teak tabletop is of superior quality.  Embrace the unique wood grain variations (see inset pictures).  Elevate your furniture business with the timeless charm of teak.  Upgrade today with our teak tables tops and decks.


Teak, once favored by shipbuilders, is the ultimate choice for durable indoor and outdoor applications, including tables tops and decks.  It’s natural composition moderates outdoor temperatures, ensuring year-round comfort.  With its dense grain and natural oil, teak is highly resistant to rot and withstands various weather conditions.  

Our real teak wood tabletops are available in rounds, squares, and rectangles, and a variety of sizes.  This hardwood doesn’t require varnish, but it will silver over time if not maintained. Some people actually prefer the patina of aged teak over fresh.

Details & application

Clover solid teak wood table tops and deck panel

Technical characteristics

  • Teak is sourced solely from fully grown trees in state-controlled plantations
  • Customized sizes available
  • Dimensions: customized
  • Assemble yourself : No
  • Number of packages : 1
  • Shapes : Rectangular, round, barrel, and more
  • Frame options: Epoxy-treated aluminum


Q1: Is teak wood table top weather resistant?

An exceptional quality of teak table top is its ability to withstand all weather conditions. It does fine when exposed to weather settings such as rain and sun. This is mostly due to teak’s high natural oil content and the tight wood grain.

Q2: How to clean teak table top?

To clean teak table tops, scrub them gently with soap and water. You can also sand lightly with the grain to bring out the wood’s original warm color. Sealing is not required, but you could use a UV blocking sealant on an annual basis. 

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