Custom furniture manufacturer & supplier in China

  • 20 years experience in custom furniture manufacturing
  • Over 200,000 monthly capacity
  • 6 facilities union operated our furniture production.
  • More than 20 Patent design for smart furniture
  • 20,000 sq.m of production and office space
  • Export to 42 countries worldwide

Custom furniture manufacturer & supplier since 2004

Since 2004, we’ve been your trusted partner for custom furniture.  Our factory specializes in creating high-quality outdoor and indoor furniture that complements any commercial or residential space, from hotels and restaurants to offices and homes.

We take pride in crafting furniture that is both functional and visually appealing.  Our durable materials ensure long-lasting beauty with minimum maintaining. 

We understand that each project is unique, which is why we offer tailored furniture services to meet your specific preference and requirements.  From the initial design concept to final delivery, we work closely with you to perfect every detail.  With our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, you have full control over the production of your furniture, ensuring transparency and accountability.  Get ready to bring your furniture vision to life with us.

What can we do for you?

Transform your furniture ideas into reality with CLOVER’s premier furniture solutions.  Our custom creations including outdoor furniture, teak furniture, sofas & couches sectional, dining chairs, pool chairs, lounge chairs, spatial, tables, desks, furniture components like cushions & pillows, desk table tops and table legs & bases, are tailored to your exact specifications.  With our skilled craftsmen, we will collaborate closely with you to bring your ideas into life.  Stay informed throughout the process with regular photo and video updates on production progress.  Experience the perfection of custom furniture with CLOVER.


It’s an obsession for us — the quality of our designs, materials, craftsmanship, service, even the quality of our lives. Whatever we do, it has to be the best, starting with our mind moves. 

We apply international sustainable standards such as REACH chemicals, FSC forest, EN Strength, ASTM and UK fire safety to guide our material selection and product design.

Our items are rigorously tested. withstand variations in weather conditions, ensuring you get only the best in quality.


Clover is a leading furniture company in China for over 20 years.  We specialize in manufacturing and designing top-quality furniture.  And we provide comprehensive furniture solutions for different places, such as public areas, and private residences, hotels, restaurants, homestay, short renting, offices, and more.  Our expertise in fast-track projects has made us a trusted choice for top-tier hotel brands such as MGM, Marriott, Cosmopolitan, and Hyatt.

With an area of 6 production facilities, we can do nearly 200,000 pieces a month.  If you are looking for a Chinese custom furniture manufacturer or have limited experience on how to custom your furniture, Clover will be your essential choice.

Clover custom furniture machines

Clover custom furniture plan

Clover aluminum furniture frame

Clover custom furniture loading

Our smart furniture manufacturing & designing

Clover oversees all aspects of quality furniture products’ creation, ensuring that every piece of furniture represents the perfect mix of centuries-old craftsmanship and modern technology.  We custom furniture for any projects, anywhere in the world. 

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